Tripods with Coin Acceptor

Tripods with Coin Acceptor

Tripods with Coin Acceptor – system consists of

  • pedestrian barrier for the passage and
  • the box for the coins or tokens– considering the needs you choose the system (coin or token)

To start consider the basic parameters for the system that you want to apply:

  1. whether the barriers for pedestrians is intended for outdoor or indoor use
  2. whether it is necessary to read the paper banknotes
  3. whether need a printout of bills
  4. what is the passage width where you want to restrict entry through the tripod (sketch room layouts)
  5. whether the user will use the same pedestrian barrier to entry and exit
    (depending on the flow of people and if your entry has sufficient width, two pedestrian barriers enabling faster entrance and faster exiting)

In case you want simpler system of collection, it is possible variant of the box for the coins that connects to an existing electric lock.


In addition to the application of a tripod with coins or tokens, some models of pedestrian barriers for passage are ideal for outdoor use because they contain protection against high humidity and are applicable for entry / exit into space with a swimming pool.

Instead of coins or tokens, to open pedestrian barriers for entry / exit of persons into area with pool, can be used silicone RFID bracelet.

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