konzultantski program

Why Consulting Program?


How to choose?

Buy a time and attendance system is very simple, but how to choose and buy time and attendance system that suits your needs, and thereafter be able and know to fit it into your business processes, and maximize its use is not that simple. That knowledge companies often do not have inhouse. Precisely for this reason, the Institute for eBusiness and EDGE Group, in collaboration have developed a consultancy program which aims to, into three steps, by recording status, making reports and recommendations and preparation of reports for the integration of time and attendance system into the business, that companies are able to properly analyze their current situation and can make the right choice when selecting the type and vendor systems for time and attendance. Certainly a great program that is recommended for every company with more than thirty employees.
When choosing the time and attendance software should be be considered following:

  • Software for time and attendance must be adapted to legislative, the employer should be warn of irregularities, system should indicate errors, the calculation should be automated, as well as preparation for transfer to payroll.
  • Software should function as a system for the management of human resources and be particularly easy to use, and not only as an ordinary TIME SCHEDULE.
  • Software should have the possibility of integration with some serious software solution, but also with small local software solutions present on the market.

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