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Why Time and Attendance?


Time and Attendance in 2015

By controlling time and attendance, as well as its proper records and managing, companies achieve a number of benefits. From increasing discipline, quality business approach, to savings of working time, just because of the calculation of working time that the employee spent at work. By using an electronic time and attendance, from the collected data companies can prepare reports, based on which they can make good business decisions. Working hours collected and processed electronically, just one click of the automatic transfer into software solution for payroll. The savings the company realizes by automating, allow the investment into system pays off within three to four months from the introduction of the system.

When choosing a device should be considered following elements:

  • How long is the manufacturer present on the market?
  • How long the product is present on the Croatian market and the EU market?
  • How quality support gives the Croatian representative?
  • What path of development has a certain the product? Often these products have a nice design, but soon find out that it was the manufacturer’s first generation devices of that kind.
  • How such products inspire confidence into relation to the product that is the fourth or fifth generation in the past 20 years?
  • What is the probability that in 5 years I can count on the support and service? Often, after 2 years, 80% of the products disappear from the market and for them there is no more support.
  • What is the accompanying software? It often happens that the Chinese software developers do not run RFC standards and use Chinese characters in the names of database tables, and you find it out when you want to connect to the database or software that you want to localize; instead of English terms there will be Chinese characters.

Plenty of companies do not consider these essentials. Their priority is to introduce a system of time and attendance to meet the legal norms but practice shows that the low-cost solution ultimately becomes more expensive. Our recommendation is: pay attention to the above mentioned suggestions, before you opt for a system.

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